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Culture & Learning in New Zealand

Course Description

Students will travel to New Zealand and Fiji to study different cultures and their educational methods.  The two main foci of the course are Culture and Learning. 


  1. Culture: Learn about Maori, Kiwi and Fijian Culture through historical, religious, governmental, and other heritage sites, language, business, and cuisine.  Additional experiences of different cultures will include interaction of mutual reciprocity with Maori and Kiwi people, including professors, university students, teachers, and children.  BGSU students will compare and contrast these cultures with their own culture, knowledge and experiences.

  2. Learning:  Learn about education in New Zealand and Fiji.  Study teaching methods and children’s learning to gain a greater perspective on the way history, values, government, communication, business, and beliefs relate to learning and teaching. BGSU students will visit and participate in educational activities with students and teachers in New Zealand and Fiji.

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