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In the News

To Teach States Side BGSU Students Study Abroad (2024)

BGSU Math Camp wins inaugural award from National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (2023)


BGSU education researchers undertake a 5-year project to revamp

mathematics word problem assessments for students via computer

adaptations (2023)

Kaitlyn Solymosi Honored as Ohio's Emerging Leader


Lesson Study: TSA School Leaders Perspective

BGSU Academic Enrichment Camps (2020)


Brown, Fox, Hicks, and Knapke Honored for International Research (2019)

Bryant and Henderson Recognized for Excellence in Global Engagement (2018)


Matney Recognized for Excellence in Math Teaching (2018)


Multiplying Math Success at BGSU

Ohio Lesson Study Conference 

Tenure, Promotion Granted by Trustees

BGSU Preservice Teachers Secure Funds for Future Math Camps 

Head of the Class

Aspiring Math Teachers Multiply Their Learning with Trip to China

Culture and Learning Course Explores Math Education

From BGHS to Indonesia, Learning Goes Global

Lived and Breathed Math Camp   


BGSU Students Embrace, Learn From Other Cultures

Formula for Success: Math Education Faculty Earn Top Grants  

Conjecturing Adds Up to Better Learning, BGSU Prof Gabriel Matney Tells STEM Teachers

Visiting Professors Create Cross-Cultural Connections 

Teachers Go Back to School

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Students Visit USP

COE Faculty Partner With U.S., Thai Universities to Assess Math Teaching Methods                                                                                          

Thailand Math Camp
Dr. Gabriel Matney and Alyssa Lustgarten
China Math Camp
Thailand Math Camp
Dr. Gabriel Matney working with teacher
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