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Dr. Gabriel T. Matney

Professor of Mathematics Education


Bowling Green State University

School of Teaching and Learning 

Student Testimonials

"Beginning from my first semester at BGSU, Dr. Matney noticed my leadership potential and invested in me throughout the next five years of my undergraduate and graduate career.  From the start, it was evident that Dr. Matney truly cared about me as a pre-service teacher and took pride in helping me grow professionally."

~Alyssa L.~

"I have participated in two service learning courses with Dr. Matney. The first course was Culture and Education in Thailand...This opportunity allowed me to teach a group of students that was culturally diverse from myself, make connections with other educators, and expand my view of the world."

~Julia P.~

"Going into this course, I had a very closed mindset on my own mathematical capabilities, but Dr. Matney soon changed that...I never knew math could be this fun or the flexibility that we have when we are teaching math. This class was a cornerstone for me and my teaching philosophy."

~Rachel W.~

Special note of thanks to Alyssa Lustgarten for creating this wix website for me. Your creative talents and work ethic are a treasure to all who get to call you their friend.


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